Allergies & Cold Lasers Treatment 

Eliminate Allergies for Good

Allergies are an incorrect response of the body’s immune system. The body creates a negative feedback response to a harmless object based on the object’s frequency. Every object has its own frequency and the body recognizes some of them as positive and others as negative. A cold laser is used to retrain the body’s negative feedback responses, turning it into positive feedback.  By using kinesiology (muscle testing) we can find out what your body is responding to negatively. Using the cold laser on certain acupuncture points, we stimulate a positive feedback such as releasing endorphins while you are holding the allergen. This trains the body to no longer view the allergen as bad.


Each treatment lasts up to 5 minutes and one allergen is corrected each treatment. It is safe for all ages and completely painless. Say goodbye forever to those pesky allergies.