Speed up your results by adding in our comprehensive additional therapies. 



Food is the best medicine. We use cutting edge functional medicine nutrition to target your deficiencies and speed up your recovery. 



Herbs are plant, food, and mineral-based formulas that are used to strengthen the body, support the healing process, or clear it of excess problems. It is great to use them in partnership with acupuncture for accelerated healing. 



Cupping is a technique that uses glass and heat or plastic with a pump to create suction on the skin. This increases circulation, activates the lymphatic system, releases toxins, and opens up meridians (channels where the energy flows). This is a great way to increase localized healing and release muscles, decreasing pain. It is useful for asthma, chest congestion, early stages of cold and flu, muscle pain or tightness, or poor circulation. It can even be used to just relax and unwind from a stressful day. 



Moxa is an herb called Mugwort that is placed directly (with a protective barrier) or indirectly on the skin and burned. This modality is painless and works well to warm up the body and is great for chronic conditions.

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Gua Sha is similar to cupping. It is a gentle scrapping of the skin with a smooth-edged tool after applying massage oil. It is used to loosen muscles, break up knots, release lactic acid from the muscles, and pull toxins out of the body. It helps with poor circulation, headaches, nausea, tight muscles, and early stage cold and flu. 

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