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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

If you are a first-time patient with acupuncture, in Charlotte, NC, you may find fertility acupuncture intimidating. Rest assured, although increasingly popular, acupuncture is seen as a fantastic alternative to other medicines. Accessible in many styles and with a wide range of methods used by Lotus Acupuncture, acupuncture still splits opinions among users.

Essential information to know before your appointment with Lotus Acupuncture.

1. Acupuncture Prep is similar to getting a Massage.

At Lotus Acupuncture, you will have to come prepared for the treatment. Also, you will need to show off some parts of your skin so that the needles can be pierced through. Our Charlotte acupuncture clinic is clean, and you will be offered loose clothes so that your body can be easily accessed during the treatment.

You'll need to come prepared for treatment at Lotus Acupuncture. Our Charlotte acupuncture clinic is clean, and loose clothing will be offered to you so that the parts of your body, where the thin needles will be strategically placed, can be easily accessed.

2. Acupuncture Treats Several Health Conditions.

Acupuncture will help when dealing with a variety of complicated health issues according to the World Health Organization. Acupuncture's health benefits include chronic pain relief, reduces emotional and physical stress, including viruses and other infections. You can also visit an acupuncturist for herbal medicine in Charlotte, NC.

3. Acupuncture procedure

At Lotus Acupuncture, you will get not only acupuncture treatment in Charlotte for your external organs but also the internal organs. We will use the best techniques to understand what works for your body. Also, we will analyze your tongue, pulse, and the abdomen to determine your body needs.

At Lotus Acupuncture, you will not only receive acupuncture treatment for your external organs but also for the internal organs as well. We will use the best techniques as well as analyze your tongue, pulse, and abdomen to customize what works for your body.

4. Important questions the Acupuncturists will ask.

You will find experienced and professional acupuncturists ready to ask you things concerning your lifestyle, health, and more when you decide to visit Lotus Acupuncture for a physical checkup. The questions will be necessary so that they can understand your body. Items will be about urination, bowel movements, and more. That’s why you need to seek acupuncture treatment near me.

When you decide to visit Lotus Acupuncture for a physical checkup, you will find experienced and professional acupuncturists ready to ask you things about your lifestyle, health, and more. The questions they ask, while they may seem awkward, are necessary to better understand your body and needs such as questions about urination, bowel movements, and more.

5. Avoid visiting an Acupuncturist on an empty stomach.

Another crucial tip you will know from an acupuncturist from Lotus Acupuncture is that you need to have eaten something a couple of hours before you visit the acupuncture clinic in Charlotte, NC. You don’t have to eat something substantial, but eat something that will give your body energy to deal with the treatment. If you go to an acupuncture clinic when you’re hungry, you may faint, become dizzy or unconscious for long hours.

Prior to your Lotus Acupuncture visit in Charlotte, NC, it is highly recommended that you eat something within a couple of hours of your appointment. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial as long as it will give your body the energy needed for the treatment. Failure to do so can result in dizziness, or fainting.

6. Acupuncturists Use Sterilized new Needles.

At Lotus Acupuncture, you will not be treated with reused needles. Each needle will be fresh. At any given time, you will not get needles that have been used by other patients. It will mean you will not be at risk of getting a disease. Also, since the needles are thin, you will feel less pain.

Rest assured that you will never be treated with reused needles at Lotus Acupuncture. Every needle is brand new. Our needles are inserted to various depths at strategic points on your body and are very thin, so insertion usually causes little discomfort.

Schedule a visit with Lotus Acupuncture

Lotus Acupuncture, licensed for fertility clinic in Charlotte, NC, wants you to schedule a consultation, especially if you or a close friend have fertility problems, chronic pain, or any other serious health problems. critical problems. We have been in operation for a while now, possessing expert knowledge and custom treatment plans for patients. Visit our clinic to experience the many benefits of acupuncture visit our clinic. Many people feel relaxed and some feel energized after a treatment either way your body will be rejuvenated.

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