Ready to Restore Your Sexual Satisfaction?

Are you tired of hearing about great orgasms and wonderful sex lives but never experiencing it for yourself?  Truly satisfying sex is an important part of a woman’s overall physical and emotional well-being, but many women aren’t feeling as much pleasure as they’d like.

There’s science behind that feeling that everything gets better when sex is good. Enhance your sexual satisfaction and you enhance everything else.

Lotus Has The Solution

Now, exclusively at Lotus Acupuncture, a non-invasive, pain-free therapy using Focused Compression Therapy (FCT) that implements focused soundwaves at the cellular level to increase blood flow and nerve cell regeneration to the clitoris, the only organ in the female body dedicated solely to pleasure.

The use of this therapy is a promising option for women who want to improve their overall sexual health and experience, allowing their body to do what it does best – naturally.  The application of FCT for clitoral stimulation has emerged from years of clinically-proven success in the treatment of tissue in the penis, which is surprisingly very similar!

Focused Compression Therapy is FDA Cleared, Safe and Clinically Proven to Increase Blood Flow.


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Step 3: Start Treatment

The Numbers Are Staggering

Did you know that over 70% of women do not experience orgasms?  How is this possible if there are over 8x as many nerve endings as in the penis?  The aging process, pelvic trauma, and certain lifestyles (i.e. cycling, riding) cause the blood vessels to narrow and deteriorate over time, leaving women with decreased sensation and little chance at achieving desired satisfaction.

Short and Simple

Each session with FCT takes less than 10 minutes and most women complete their protocol over a 2 week period.  Imagine being able to potentially start feeling the effects you desire that continue to accentuate over months and last up to a year or more from that short of a treatment period?

Why Choose Lotus Acupuncture’s Treatment Protocol?

Our holistic, 100% non-invasive therapy is completely painless with no downtime, allowing you to get back to doing whatever you want (including sex) as soon as your session is complete.

Short treatment sessions with no downtime.

No drugs, surgery

or needles.

Increased lubrication, sensation and arousal.

Better, stronger


Increased long-term sexual responsiveness.

Improved overall sexual health and experience.


There are many reasons why a woman might experience reduced feelings of arousal and sexual response. The great news is that Focused Compression Therapy (FCT) can help improve women’s sexual health and help them have stronger, more frequent orgasms. After all, there are many physical reasons why women find themselves asking ‘why can’t I orgasm anymore?’  


Decreased libido/desire for sex, little to no lubrication when aroused and weak or no orgasm during sex are a few of the signs your sex life might not be reaching its full potential.  FCT can help turn that around and get women back to having a more satisfying, fulfilling sex life.

Existing Treatment Options


Non - Invasive

Short and Painless


Increase Sexual


Limited Or No Adverse Reactions



Lasting Results

Up To Years

Focused Compression

Therapy (FCT)



Unfocused Radial

Wave Therapy


(Addyi/Vyleesi/Hormone Replacement Therapy)



Painless and safe

  • Our technology is implemented using exacting standards.

  • Practitioners are trained and certified.

  • Our sessions are 100% non-invasive; there is no vaginal insertion and we do not use laser technology or harm tissue in any way.

How do I know it works?

  • Our technology has seen years of proven effectiveness in penile tissue, which has similar physiology and arousal mechanisms as the clitoris. This has given us a large foundation of knowledge on which to build a female-specific methodology.

  • Recent trial applications of FCT on women have proven consistently effective.

How long does it take?

  • Each session takes less than 10 minutes.

  • Number of total sessions will be determined by your practitioner.

  • Effects are felt as early as the first session and increase over 3 months.

  • Effects may last a year or more and can be extended with a single, optional revitalization session annually.

Does it hurt?

  • The entire process will NOT be painful.

  • There are no needles or other invasive aspects.


Is there any downtime?

  • No.  You can do anything following your treatment – including having sex, which can be heightened immediately.

Are there any side effects?

  • FCT may cause some temporary redness, but there are no significant side effects.

  • The main side effects are better intimate relationships, more fun in bed, and you may feel closer to your partner.

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