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All About Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Charlotte is one of North Carolina's best cities to live in and the county seat of Mecklenburg County. Being the most populous city, living in Charlotte provides citizens an urban-suburban mix experience and most locals have homes of their own. There are also many coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. Most young professionals and families living in Charlotte inclined to liberal. The public school in the city are also rated as above average.

Brief History of Charlotte

The city of Charlotte is named after the Queen and this is obtained from the fact that the one in charge of settling the Europeans and created the town area in 1976 was King George III. As of the present, there is still some Colonial influence all over the city and it is mostly observable on both Tyron Street in Uptown and Interstate 85. Both roads follow a go along and diagonal old path of Nations Path which was known as Native American tribes' trading route. Before outsiders have not ventured in the Newest South of Charlotte but in the late 1990s the population doubled. Hence, the unique city was more characterized by the addition of the unprecedented cultural scene.

Arts and Culture

A canvas for artistic expression and a sanctuary for talent, Charlotte is a city packed with rich culture and arts from history to today. High-tech and modern performance venue that set the stage for amazing productions spanning local theater to Broadway. Tourists can stroll and enjoy the mesmerizing public arts throughout the city and tour the renowned art museums that house the work of some of the greatest visionaries around the world. Here are some featured places for the Queen City's arts and culture.

  1. Bechtler Museum of Modern Art - it is dedicated to the analysis and celebration of the strong aspect of modernism of the mid-century which is reflected in the Bechtler collection's holdings.

  2. Blumenthal Performing Arts - the Blumenthal Performing Arts brings the world's best artists and shows to Charlotte. The education programs also inspire and engage students in the city.

  3. Mint Museum Randolph - opened in 1936 and located in the Eastover neighborhood of Charlotte, the Mint Museum Randolph is known as the first art museum in North Carolina.

Attractions, Adventure, and Outdoor Activities

Charlotte provides locals and tourists with different kinds of experiences, one-of-a-kind attractions, and adventures. Whether your thrill and fun comes from navigating whitewater rapids, conquering mountains, trails trekking, or riding the fastest and tallest rollercoasters, the Queen City got it all for you. Here are the top destinations for fun and adventure in Charlotte.

  1. Carowinds - family-friendly adventure heaven in Charlotte. Kids can enjoy kiddie pools, Camp Snoopy, interactive rides, and play areas. Carowinds also has world-class rollercoasters, an all-inclusive waterpark, and live shows.

  2. U.S. National Whitewater Center - the USNWC is committed to the advocacy of the outdoor and active lifestyle. It provides participants of all levels of access to outdoor activities. They also offer leadership schools, all-day pass programs, outdoor events, races, instruction, and festivals.

  3. Anne Springs Close Greenway - located in South Carolina's Fort Mill, the 2100-acre natural preserve provides visitors with innumerable activities from biking, hiking, picnics, and horseback riding.

  4. Billy Graham Library - Billy Graham Library houses the life and work of Billy Graham, one of the most influential people of the 20th century. It has memorabilia, multimedia exhibits, films, the restored family home of Graham, a gifts & books store, a cafe. This allows visitors to know more about Billy Graham and relive the historic and important moments of his life.

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