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The Discovery Place Science In Charlotte, NC

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Learning And Discovery Anywhere, Anytime

Nowadays, the new normal has restricted our movement and activities and it has urged us to stay at home. But that doesn't mean learning and discovery should pause as well.

The online world has been our way to cope up with the current adverse situation and industries are tapping online resources to continue on with their missions and goals. Food businesses are establishing online shops and delivery services, the beauty industry is promoting DIY salon kits and spa care products, and learning institutions are making their services available online.

One of the most remarkable institutions that successfully transitioned to the online world is the Discovery Place Science - a museum aiming to enrich imagination and tickle curiosity through learning experiences on science and its wonders.

Visiting The Discovery Place Science

As of now, the Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, North Carolina is temporarily closed. However, since museums are gradually resuming operations, the Discovery Place Science is also preparing to open their institution to the public as soon as possible.

All their announcements can be found in their official website ( While we are waiting for the Museum to resume their operations, here is a quick rundown of the four amazing things about the Discovery Place Science.

Four Amazing Things About The Discovery Place Science

1) Guests are still welcome to feed the animals.

Even though the normal operations of the Museum are currently paused, guests can still come and visit the animals to feed them. There are four simple guidelines in doing so: (1) all tickets should be obtained and paid online, (2) timed entry is a must, (3) face masks or coverings should be worn by guests over three years old, and (4) guests are required to undergo contactless temperature check.

2) Stay at Home Science will hold a field trip to Uptown.

Get ready to learn about the wonderful lessons on sustainability as a field trip will be held in Uptown, particularly in the Cool Globes public art exhibition. This exhibit features over 30 globe structures aiming to impart different ways on how to apply sustainability in our daily lives. This way, participants will surely learn how to practice sustainability and will appreciate its many benefits.

3) Take part in an activity combining colors and capillary action.

What is capillary action? It is an amazing phenomenon when water moves upward a wall it adheres to despite gravitational force. In this activity, participants and learners can witness and demonstrate for themselves this natural phenomenon along with making a colorful work of art. Moreover, this 35-minute activity is advised for elementary school students.

4) Discover the wonders of science in the museum.

World Alive nature exhibitions, Cool Stuff modern exhibitions, Thinker Space labs and discoveries, and Explore More Future labs are what the Discovery Place Museum are in store for its guests and visitors. These areas and activities are filled with fun and dynamic learnings aimed at enriching the appreciation of the world for science.

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