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The Billy Graham Library In Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina is considered to be a type of combination of a museum and library. It is open to the public to enjoy learning about the life and ministry of Billy Graham, who has been recognized as being a world renown Christian evangelist. Thus, the museum and library carefully document many details about this intriguing and noteworthy man and his ministry..

The complex became open to public access back in June, 2007. The complex measures forty-thousand square feet. The library is situated on the property that is home to the headquarters of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. In fact, it is interesting to realize that the library is situated quite close to where Bill Graham grew up. As a reflection of the childhood of Billy Graham that was centered around farm living, a dairy barn was decided on for the style of the library. Also, there is the whimsical addition of a mechanical cow that talks.

The primary galleries that are in the library demonstrate many artifacts, pictures and presentations from various episodes of the ministry of this well known preacher. There is also the presentation of various voices that comment on his ministry as well as music. Then there is the designation of one complete gallery that commemorates the life of Ruth Bell Graham. She was the beloved wife of this global evangelist. Also, there is the pleasant addition of a dairy café to enjoy some treats and refreshments. Moreover, there is the inclusion of a bookstore with the name Ruth's Attic, which is undeniably a tribute to his wife's memory again.

When visitors arrive at the library, they enter doors that are placed at the bottom of a cross that is constructed of glass and that measures forty-feet in size. In addition, the Prayer Garden is a part of the grounds of the library and the wife of the evangelist was placed there at her burial, which was held in June, 2007. At first, his wife Ruth did not desire to have her burial take place at the library, as her preference had been stated that she wanted to rather be buried at their family home, which was located close to Asheville at the Billy Graham Training Center. But just moments before she passed on, she changed her mind and decided the library should be her burial place.

The great man by the name of Billy Graham died on the date of February 21, 2018. Then his funeral was conducted on the date of March 2, 2018. It was in a tent that was much like the ones that had been used during his early crusades, at the library, that the funeral was held. However, before the funeral, the body of Graham had been displayed at his childhood home as well as at the capital of the United States as a tribute to his life that served the nation and the world. After the funeral was over, this memorable evangelist was buried in the Prayer Garden of the library beside his beloved wife.

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