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Fun Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Do you intend on visiting the biggest city in North Carolina? There is no shortage of things to do in this rapidly growing city but if you are like many visitors, there is a shortage of time. It does not matter what types of activities you enjoy doing, you will most likely find something that suits your interest in this bustling metropolis. Please note, however, that some restrictions may exist due to the current pandemic.

Scope the Place out By Taking a Tour

If you plan on spending time in Charlotte, taking a city tour is the best way to get a personal overview of the city's main attractions, historical landmarks, and dining options. There is a lot to do in Charlotte, so take care not to get overwhelmed.

Visit Carowinds

For thrill-seekers, Carowinds boasts the fifth tallest rollercoaster on the planet, appropriately named the "Fury 325". The amusement park also includes a 27-acre waterpark and various seasonal activities, including SCarowinds during late October, a Halloween festival with various attractions, and Winterfest during the holidays with awe-inspiring lights and seasonal decorations.

Go Whitewater Rafting

Not far from the heart of the city, along the Catawba river, is the world's largest artificial whitewater rafting facility. Of course, while whitewater is appealing enough to warrant it's own entry, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, at a whopping 1300 acres, features kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, even obstacle courses.

Eat Delicious Local Produce

Even though Charlotte is a largely urban, North Carolina farms are not far out of the city's bounds. The 7th Street Public Market offer the best of the state's produce. You can also find delicious home-baked goods, regional wines, and fresh java. The market is also a place to go in favor of tasting local flavors, a nice change from typical franchise food.

Take a Gander at Some Art

The Mint Museum in uptown Charlotte is a great place to get cultured. The museum offers an intriguing variety of art from traditional European and American art to studio glass to contemporary examples from rising artists of Charlotte's vibrant and rapidly expanding art scene. Students and seniors can revel - a $15 entry fee is reduced to $10. Toddlers can jump for joy - admission is free for children 4 and younger.

Watch a Parade

Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Saint Patrick's Day, chances are Charlotte has a big production planned. If you have the opportunity, take a spot uptown and watch the show for a while. Why not? It's free.

Hear the Music

The Charlotte Jazz Festival is an annual spring event for those passionate about music and celebrations, with plenty of high quality live performances to delight your ears as you partake in a variety of free events including Lunch Hour Jazz and the Second Line Parade.

Visit a Brewery

Charlotte is heaven for beer enthusiasts. Seriously, you don't need an address - just take a ride around town and look for breweries that offer tours to visitors. Most are usually either free or incredibly cheap, so go wild.

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